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Dental Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothCrowns are heavily relied upon as a restorative solution.

They can help to strengthen any tooth which has suffered from damage brought on by a fracture, chip, or simply erosion.

In many cases, a crown can save the tooth from being extracted. This is important because all efforts are made in order to save the tooth no matter how bad the damage might be.

This is because once a tooth is extracted, it can create an entire other set of problems which have to be dealt with. By placing a crown on a tooth, the lost portion of it can be restored and full functionality returned to the tooth.

Crowns are typically made from either porcelain or ceramic. For those patients who would like to know more about dental crowns, please stop by our Bonnie & Simone office.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Any patient suffering from periodontal disease has likely been dealing with extensive tooth decay and disease for some time now. They will ultimately lose multiple teeth and compromise the overall health of the oral cavity.

When patients lose teeth, they also lose the supportive structure behind the lips and cheeks which in turn cause them to sag inward into the oral cavity.

When this occurs, the patient's appearance can drastically change. Crowns can also be used following a root canal procedure to further seal the interior of the tooth off from any decay or disease.

Why Are Porcelain Crowns the Best?

Crowns made of porcelain are more frequently chosen by dental professionals for a variety of reasons. They give the patient the most natural feel when chewing and maintain their resiliency for years.

They can be used to replace the entire visible portion of the tooth from the biting surface to the gum line.

The Crown Placement Procedure

Placing a crown does take more than one appointment but it is to ensure that through each stage of the placement, the tooth and the surrounding tissue have had a chance to properly heal before moving onto the next step.

During the first appointment, the site will be properly prepared by removing all decayed and diseased portions of the tooth. For some patients, there may be the need for additional procedures to be performed in order to ensure proper placement.

Crown Longevity

Patients can help to ensure crowns last as long as absolutely possible by simply continuing their diligent brushing and flossing routine twice daily.

They should also avoid acidic drinks and foods which can not only damage their tooth but the crown as well which would warrant additional procedures to correct.

Any patient who has questions regarding crown placement and would like to know more should come see us at our Bonnie & Simone office.

We can also be reached by calling the following phone number: (757) 540-1028. Call today to get an appointment scheduled or to get a phone consultation.
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