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Dental Exam

Older patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with dentistWhile growing up we were all told countless times by our dentist and our parents to always brush and floss two times a day. Also, while that is important even today, so are professional exams and cleanings. They provide the best way to detect any potential damaging conditions and maladies in the oral cavity. These could include abscesses, sores, and odd tissue growths that may warrant further examination. In some cases, we might make recommendations to send the tissue out to a lab for further analysis if warranted.

While many patients are nervous and filled with anxiety regarding dental care, cleanings and examinations need to be maintained in order to keep the oral cavity healthy and to spot any areas indicative of illness or disease. The only way to detect these early is by having regular assessments by our professional staff. The illnesses and diseases we are trying to identify and treat include cavities, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancer. When these conditions remain untreated for long periods of time, the more likely they will need invasive and expensive procedures to treat them. Why not come in to see us so we can perform a quick 15 minute evaluation and determine the best form of treatment. Come see us today at Bonnie & Simone for peace of mind.

Dental Exam Importance

Most patients have incredibly high concerns regarding dental care and are worried that having a dental exam and professional cleaning will cause them pain. This is simply not the case. During the course of the cleaning and examination, there is only mild discomfort as we remove the tartar, bacteria, and plaque while scraping the surfaces of the teeth both above and below the surface of the gums.

Details of an Exam

One of the most important aspects of the exam is updating the patient's medical history. This provides us with all the detailed information necessary to determine what future care they might need. It also allows us to note any prescription medication the patient might need which could impact their care.

After we gather the medical history information, we will then turn to examining the head, neck, jaw, and mouth to look for any limited range of motion, discolorations, ulcers, and anomalous tissue growths both in and around the oral cavity. We will use x-rays to examine the underlying jawbone structure to determine its health. This is important because without a healthy jawbone the gums and teeth will be affected.

Once the assessment has been completed, we will clean the oral cavity of all tartar, plaque, and bacteria from the surface of the teeth both above and below the gum line. We will also screen for oral cancer looking for any oral cavity tissue which might warrant further assessment.

Those patients with questions or concerns about oral exams should come by our Bonnie & Simone office today. We are always willing to help our patients understand their oral cavities and areas in need of treatment. We can be reached at (757) 540-1028. Do not hesitate to give us a call to get your appointment scheduled with our office.
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