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Oral Cancer Screening

Dentist with gloved hands examining patient sitting in dental chairOne of the best things a patient can do for themselves, and their continued oral health is to have oral cancer screenings. It does not take long at all to complete. In most cases, it takes less than 15 minutes and is completely noninvasive and painless. The evaluation entails closely inspecting all parts of the patient's mouth, focusing on those tissues that look anomalous. We will recommend a biopsy on any tissue we feel could be indicative of oral cancer. One of the most important aspects of cancer treatment is starting it as early as possible. This can only happen when cancer is discovered early on. The outcome is always far more positive when treatment is started early in the progression of the disease. While oral cancer cannot be visually diagnosed, it is important to look for odd tissue growths which can be indicative of oral cancer.

Those patients with questions regarding oral cancer or oral cancer screening processes should come to our office for answers. Bonnie & Simone is located in Norfolk, VA and we are eager to help.

High Risk for Oral Cancer

There are specific risk factors involved which could increase a specific patient's likelihood of developing oral cancer. While some of the factors are pretty obvious, still others are not. The use of any tobacco products increases the risk. It does not matter if the patient smokes cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or if they use smokeless tobacco. Also, any patients who abuse alcohol are also considered a higher risk than those who do not. One of the strange factors is the amount of direct sunlight a patient gets can be a determining factor.

One thing to note is that when patients find growths or odd tissue in their mouth it does not always mean it is cancerous. In fact, the vast majority of tissue growths are not cancerous. The only way to be sure is to find out by way of a professional assessment.

Should I Be Screened?

The key to oral cancer treatment and so many other devastating diseases is to start treatment as early as possible. The only way to do that is to detect the disease as early as possible. If it is not detected, it can easily enter the lymphatic system by way of the lymph nodes which are directly beneath the lower jaw.

Oral Cancer Screening

It is true that oral cancer cannot be diagnosed simply by looking at the tissue but there are potentially outward signs which can make themselves known. These could be in the form of lumpy growths, odd discolored patches in the mouth, or distinct pain in the gums or along the jawbone. When tissue is suspect, it needs to be biopsied to ensure it is not malignant.

Any patient who is in need of an oral cancer evaluation is welcome to come see us at Bonnie & Simone. We can also be reached by phone to answer your question or to schedule your office visit with us. Our number is (757) 540-1028. Give us a call today.
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Oral Cancer Screening Norfolk VA
Prioritize your health with regular oral cancer screenings. Early detection saves lives—schedule your screening today.
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